Bacheca Soci

  • 29 novembre 2018 11:39

    Elliot Silberberg

    Under the Volcano

    Archeologists announced today uncovering a gorgeous, richly colored and erotic Roman fresco in an A.D. 79 bedroom at Pompeii.
    The extraordinary work is a version of Leda and the Swan and portrays Zeus (Jupiter in the Roman version) taking the form of a swan to impregnate Spartan queen Leda.
    Speculation is that the fresco may have been commissioned by a rich merchant trying to impress.
    Whatever the original motivation, it’s special that this Leda stares nonplussed right at the viewer.
    It’s tempting to see her eyes warning us in 2018 that any fool thinking she could be shamed by such a compromising “selfie” has another think coming.

  • 05 novembre 2014 19:10

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